“Photography posing” is the art of posing in front of the camera. The ability to pose in front of the camera is a professional skill of any successful model. This art can and should be studied in order to become photogenic and make friends with the camera.

During the training, you will become self-confident, learn your best camera angles and “working sides” for excellent shots, learn how to work with emotions. You will also learn:

  • how to pose while standing, sitting, lying down;
  • what poses will make you slimmer and more attractive;
  • what a dynamic and static pose is;
  • how to overcome embarrassment and look natural in the photo;
  • how to work with light in order to make a beautiful face;
  • how to prepare for a photo shoot to ensure that it is a success.

Course programme:

  • theoretical basics of posing and their practical application;
  • work with the body, emotions and eyes;
  • work with light;
  • secrets of successful posing;
  • study of the photography genres;
  • work on your own portfolio.


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