“Runway walk” is the art of a beautiful walk, which allows you to move gracefully, work on the catwalk calmly and effortlessly, and feel confident in front of the audience and cameras.

The course is recommended both for girls from 12 years old and for young women. Our experienced instructors will find an approach to everyone and help to master this art with full dedication. The “Runway walk” course is suitable not only for professional training, but also useful for learning “for yourself”.

Beginning with the first lessons, you will get a lot of positive emotions and discover new opportunities: you will feel confident and will be able to attract the enthusiastic looks of others.

Course programme:

  • basics of runway walk: posture, step, fixations;
  • solo and group work on the catwalk;
  • self-presentation;
  • work with the photographer on the catwalk;
  • group performances and runway show.



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